Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball

The perfect gift for sports lovers looking to practice their aim in private! Simply attach the net to the back of your bathroom door or wherever’s convenient, secure the ball holder within reach of your loo and slam dunk your way through your time on the throne!

Both the net and the ball holder come with suckers attached, so fixing them to your bathroom walls couldn’t be easier – there are no messy drill holes to worry about, and if you want to keep your toilet basketball habit to yourself, you can remove them faster than your imaginary fans can shout “WHAT A DUNK!”

Complete with three soft mini basketballs, a fold-out mat in the shape of a teeny-weeny basketball court, and a wall-hung ball holder and net, you’ve got everything you need to become a basketball pro while sitting on the potty!


Pinball Master

Featuring an automatic scoring panel, double flipper control, spring action bumpers and electronic scoring noises, this tabletop machine will turn you into a Pinball Wizard faster than you can say ‘HIGH SCORE’!

If you haven’t got space for a full-sized pinball machine (or just don’t fancy the hefty price tag that comes with it!) this tabletop version is a fantastic alternative. Send the steel balls bouncing off the five central bumpers as you fight to keep them out of the danger zone – they’ll even light up and emit space-age ‘zap’ and ‘pow’ scoring sounds as you hit them!

Whether you’re battling to beat your personal best or challenging your friends to a pinball playoff, this interactive machine is guaranteed to tap into your competitive streak! What’s more, there’s a dial at the bottom of the Pinball Master that allows you to set the number of goes you want to allocate for each play – choose between one and three and the ball will be released the number of times you specify. Perfect for quick-fire rounds or more serious pinball tournaments!

Epic Win and Epic Fail Stamps

With these straight-to-the-point ‘Epic Win’ and ‘Epic Fail’ stamps, you can make your feelings known in one easy-to-read go! Why open your mouth to share your opinion when you can assert your feelings in ink?!

When someone’s done so fantastically well that a simple “good job” doesn’t quite cut it, or messed up so embarrassingly badly that a quiet “better luck next time” just won’t suffice, these Epic Win/Epic Fail stamps will do all the talking so you don’t have to!

If you want to offer your congratulations, send your jokey commiserations or generally make your feelings known in one easy-to-read go, it doesn’t get more straight-to-the-point than this self-inking Epic Win & Epic Fail stamp set!



LED Cube – the coolest way to create an atmosphere

This ingenious LED cube is the coolest way to create an atmosphere in any room.  We’ve all had those long dreaded gloomy days, but you can now brighten them up with this fantastic colourful cube.

What can be worse than those annoying stressful days at work, starring at your computer all day and answering endless email queries?  Absolutely nothing!  However we have found the best solution to stop you from smashing up your laptop into thousands of pieces. 

You can finally enjoy this beautiful cube, simply place it on your desk and this empowering visual will allow all your worries and the unwanted tension to diffuse into the air… ahh what a great feeling I hear you say… just as good as soaking your feet in warm water!

This LED cube reveals a wide mixture of patterns – fast, slow, single lights, multiple lights with a variety of bright colours. 

While you get lost in the pattern you will not only feel relaxed and calm but will also stimulate your thinking behaviour allowing you to produce your best work!  We all know working under pressure can be nerve racking, but give yourself a break and watching this aesthetic visual.  The brilliant LED light cube can magically enhance your inner thoughts allowing you to perform better at work. 

Watch the cube produce intense patterns with over a thousand different colours.   Allow yourself to get caught up in the motion of the bright colours and let your mind start to wonder.

Brighten up your room or office and have your very own relaxation therapy right in front of you.  It also makes a beautiful night time décor, perfect for enjoying those lovely nights in. 

iPLUNGER – Plungers can be used for other purposes besides unclogging the sinks and baths

Who would have thought this ingenious design could be so useful?  This miniature iPlunger is a perfect accessory for all you phone fanatics!  Stick it to the back of your phone either horizontally or vertically and let your phone stand free.

You no longer have to hold your phone when you want to watch a movie and listen to music, simply balance it on a flat surface and away you go.   It’s so small and cute you can virtually take it anywhere with you, just place the iPlunger in your handbag or even your pocket.  It’s a pretty impressive plunger and if you love attention this is made for you!

It’s the perfect gift for the fan of the latest cool, quirky gadget, or forthat phone owner whosimply cannot get enough of plungers!