Press & Media

We want to help journalists, bloggers and anyone in the press or media as much as possible.

This blog will feature press releases from Thumbs Up, but is also intended to feature content that can be pulled out into other features. If posts are marked ‘Press Release’ or tagged ‘Company News’ feel free to re-use the information or text, but please link back to the post on this blog and include a link to our main website at

Please also pass on any content you feel notable to digg,, any other similar sites, or link to us from your own blogs.

However, please do not take images we post to re-use without asking permission. In almost all cases permission will certainly be given, but we’d like to ensure that we supply the most up-to-date and relevant pictures available. We will also have hi-res images that we would prefer to supply to print media – if you require these, just get in touch via the contact details below.

In addition, we’re happy to provide quotes or comments on any news stories or issues of the day that are related to gadgets, toys, novelties, technology, retailing, licensing or UK business issues. We have a confident and experienced media spokesman that will be happy to provide written statements or be interviewed in person on any relevant topics, even at very short notice.

We can also provide samples of any of our products for review and usually have stock allocated for competitions and giveaways.

Whatever your requirements, just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to help you out.

Press contact details:

Please email or call our public relations manager on:

Tel: +44 (0)20 8839 8888 ext.826

email: alistair at thumbsupuk dot com


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