Aqua Phone Case

With this form-fitting waterproof case, you can safeguard your smart phones from the elements!

As well as protecting your handset from water, the Aqua Phone Case also guards against sand, dust and snow. What’s more, the case’s touch-sensitive skin means that your device is still fully functional when it’s sealed away. Plus, you can take super clear underwater video footage as long as you start recording before you dip under the waves and stop recording when you come up for air – perfect for filming your scuba trip in the shallows! And of course, as the case is 100% water-tight, you can lounge around the pool on your lilo, chatting to your mates on the phone, without worrying about dropping your most precious gadget.

Let’s face it, water and smart phones just don’t mix… but seeing as around 71% of the earth’s surface is made up of H2O, it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to keep them apart forever. And that’s where this 100% waterproof case comes to the rescue. Featuring a Featuring a transparent, touch-sensitive Perspex skin framed by a rubber seal, this durable, protective holder acts as your mobile phone’s guardian angel!


Secret Agent Phone Holder

Swap your phone holder for a Phone Holster and feel like Starsky or Hutch in the process! Stick-on seventies sideburns and handlebar moustache included for the full retro American cop effect!

Worn like a real FBI-style holster (that’s the kind that you wear around your shoulder and do up across your back so it can’t be seen under your jacket), this fun phone holder is an ingenious way to keep your mobile close at hand. Plus, there’s no denying it’s seriously good fun to whip out your phone like you’re reaching for your gun every time you need to make an important phone call!

Going to a fancy dress party or just want to recreate the classic ‘70s cop look for a laugh? The Phone Holster comes with self-adhesive ‘70s-style facial hair for added undercover agent appeal! Instant Starsky or Hutch!

Man Bowl

If you know a guy with a beast of an appetite – or indeed the manners of a beast! – this piece of could-be canine crockery makes the ideal tongue-in-cheek gift!

From a distance it looks just like a classic dog bowl, but get a little closer and you’ll see that this quirky ceramic dish is in fact emblazoned with the word ‘MAN’ rather than the word ‘DOG’! Okay, you might want to draw the line at placing it on the floor come mealtimes, but it makes the perfect receptacle for man-sized portions of pasta or rice, XL puddings and helpings of cereals that’ll set you up ’til suppertime!

80’s Retro iPhone Case

By today’s standards, you’d be forgiven for mistaking a 1980s mobile phone for, well, a house brick, but back in the day these chunky must-haves were the ultimate status symbol!

We’ve come along way in terms of streamlined modernity and fancy features since then, but the 80s mobile remains a design icon in its own right. And with this funky phone case, you can get the best of both worlds. Simply slot your iPhone into the custom-made holder and capture the look and feel of the 1980s ‘house brick’ without losing any of your 21st-century specs!

LED Sound Sensitive Stool

Practicality meets style with this funky, colour-changing LED Cube Stool; the coolest way to create an atmosphere.

At first glance it looks every bit the minimalist must-have; a pure white cuboid stool finished with fashionably rounded edges. But get a little closer and you’ll see that there’s much more to this understated piece of furniture than meets the eye…

Fitted discreetly within the simply-styled cube, there are a series of LEDs offering 16 colour combinations and 4 separate lighting effects – so you can take the weight off your feet and control the ambience of your room at the same time! There’s even a slim-line infrared remote control included so you can set the lighting of your choice with the click of a button. From chilled-out phasing glow to at-home strobe disco or solid static colour, it’s totally up to you.

Having a party? Set the cube to sound-sensitive mode and watch the colour patterns move in time to the beats you’re playing! It’s an undeniably cool way to set the mood and might just make you want to invest in a whole set – after all, your guests are going to need a seat after throwing all those shapes!

Finally, thanks to the Cube Stool’s built-in rechargeable battery, you can opt to power it from the mains using the adaptor provided or charge it up for totally wireless portability – a full charge will last for over five hours!

Come and try out our latest cool products at the Gadget Show Live between 13th-17th April!

As the UK’s ultimate electronics event, the Gadget Show Live is the best place to see, try and buy the latest products in the marketplace. Now entering its third successful year, the 2011 event will bring together more exhibitors than ever before – and that of course includes us!

We’ll be at the 2011 Gadget Show Live on the Firebox stand to showcase our latest range of fresh-in-house and most sought-after products. Come and visit us in Hall 11, Stand M14 to meet the team and see what’s new.

Exciting new products we’ll be displaying include the retro-tastic ‘80s Phone Case, the pixel-inspired 8-Bit Cubes, the gravity-defying Perpendum (Highly Commended in the 2011 Gift Association Awards), the atmospheric LED Cube, the missile launching Gyro Stealth Attack RC helicopter, and the iPhone 4 Microscope – a clever little gadget that transforms the camera function on your handset into a mini microscope capable of 60x magnification.

Alongside exhibiting our new great products, we’ll be running a couple of fun Gadget Show events to create a real buzz around our exclusive designs…

First up, there’s the 8-Bit Cube Treasure Hunt Competition. We’ll hide five cool creations built with our pixel-inspired 8-Bit Cubes around Hall 11 for you to spot as you explore the stands. Take pictures of all five on your camera phone and we’ll give you a 64-piece set of colourful 8-Bit Cubes to take home for free!

Continuing the retro theme, meanwhile, we’ll be holding an Eighties-style photo shoot at the stand on Tuesday 12th from 12-3pm. Think shoulder pads, big hair, shiny suits and slip-on shoes, all topped off by the ultimate ‘80s accessory… the Thumbs Up ‘80s Phone Case! Come and have your picture taken with a Gordon Gekko lookalike and see why this iconic ‘house brick’ of a Phone Case is making big BIG again!

LED Cube – the coolest way to create an atmosphere

This ingenious LED cube is the coolest way to create an atmosphere in any room.  We’ve all had those long dreaded gloomy days, but you can now brighten them up with this fantastic colourful cube.

What can be worse than those annoying stressful days at work, starring at your computer all day and answering endless email queries?  Absolutely nothing!  However we have found the best solution to stop you from smashing up your laptop into thousands of pieces. 

You can finally enjoy this beautiful cube, simply place it on your desk and this empowering visual will allow all your worries and the unwanted tension to diffuse into the air… ahh what a great feeling I hear you say… just as good as soaking your feet in warm water!

This LED cube reveals a wide mixture of patterns – fast, slow, single lights, multiple lights with a variety of bright colours. 

While you get lost in the pattern you will not only feel relaxed and calm but will also stimulate your thinking behaviour allowing you to produce your best work!  We all know working under pressure can be nerve racking, but give yourself a break and watching this aesthetic visual.  The brilliant LED light cube can magically enhance your inner thoughts allowing you to perform better at work. 

Watch the cube produce intense patterns with over a thousand different colours.   Allow yourself to get caught up in the motion of the bright colours and let your mind start to wonder.

Brighten up your room or office and have your very own relaxation therapy right in front of you.  It also makes a beautiful night time décor, perfect for enjoying those lovely nights in. 

Find Me Set – Perfect combination of warmth and laughter

Want to stand out from the crowd? Thumbs Up have provided you with the best solution! Wrap up warm with this amusing Find Me Set.  You can now set a fashion trend amongst your friends!!! 

This new Find Me Set is bound to turn a few heads to say the least; it is for certain a delightful creation.  As well as looking the part you can also keep yourself warm with the matching hat, scarf and gloves. 

This Find Me Set also makes a fantastic gift to best prepare your friends for the cold season ahead.

Too old to play hide and seek? Think again, this set is a perfect combination of warmth and laughter.  See if you can find the next person wearing the Find Me Set.

Keyring Tripod for Cameras – Steady camera for photo shoots

We all love taking photos and treasuring every moment we can with our loved ones, but don’t you find it’s so annoying when there is always someone missing in the photo.  It’s always a question of who is going to take the next photo, or finding a random person to take the photo.  Well, we have come up with a solution so you never have to think about those questions again! This ingenious tripod creation allows you to balance almost ever camera! 

Simply unscrew the keychain and screw on the camera and there you have it, a mini tripod.  You can pull out the legs making it perfect for on the go camera shooting. 

If you have an unsteady hand and always end up taking blurry distorted images, your problems are officially solved!  The compact ball head allows you to adjust the camera to almost any angle, so you can capture even the most awkward shots.  It has adjustable legs so the height can be altered to suit your requirements.   With its firm and sturdy legs the camera always remains well balanced and stable. 

The Tripod Keychain is portable and lightweight allowing it to be used for all occasions, just place it on a flat surface and away to go snapping up all those unforgettable moments.

Novelty Mugs – that will never let you down!

STOLEN MUG – Keep your grubby mitts off…

At first glance this ‘Stolen Mug’ looks like regular but attractive black mug.  However the truth is revealed once hot liquid is poured into it.    

This unique, high quality mug exposes the victim when a hot beverage is poured into it!  The mug shows a quirky message saying ‘this mug is stolen’ with a hand print to add to the effect.  The design of the mug is outstanding and will become a hot topic of conversation and laughter in the office. 

It’s perfect to catch those pesky coffee thieves red handed.  It turns from black to white and shows a clever hand print so you can use your forensic skills to bring justice to the office.

HOT STUFF MUG – Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot… 

This Hot Stuff mug is the perfect solution for all situations!  Whether you are clumsy? Or have an office crush? Or hate cold coffee or just plain vain…the Hot Stuff Mug is perfect for you!  Simply by adding hot liquid it changes from an attractive black mug to a white mug leaving a bold and quirky message ‘Hot Stuff’!

Do you need a warning when picking up a hot mug? Well this mug will do just that!  When a hot beverage is poured into the mug the words Hot Stuff is revealed, making it plain and clear so you stop burning yourself.

Tell someone in the office you have a crush on them and tell them how hot you think they are if you’re too shy to tell them to their face! It’s great as you may get more than a coffee in return!

 Don’t you just hate it when you’re ready to dunk your biscuit in your tea only to find it has gone cold?!  Well stop this situation occurring again and give yourself a warning before hand!

Do you consider yourself to be physically attractive and want everyone to know how hot you are?  Then you really can’t go wrong with this mug! It just states the obvious, why not hey, we all like a bit of attention from time to time and it will for sure turn a few heads!

This mug is ideal to so many situations, it really is a must have mug!  Simply add hot liquid and let the mug be your oyster!  The design of the mug is outstanding and will become a hot topic of conversation and laughter within the office.

NUCLEAR MUG – It’s as poisonous as it looks

Tired of people using your mug?  Warn them off with this stylishly designed glow in the dark Nuclear Mug. 

It could be used for two different purposes; firstly it could be used to show people how poisonous or highly intoxicated your beverage is… so they are pre-warned if they do drink the beverage it’s at their own risk!  Secondly it could also be used to notify people NOT to use your mug!  It will ensure your family and colleagues stay well clear of your possessions.

The design of the mug is outstanding and will become a hot topic of conversation and laughter within the office.