Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball

The perfect gift for sports lovers looking to practice their aim in private! Simply attach the net to the back of your bathroom door or wherever’s convenient, secure the ball holder within reach of your loo and slam dunk your way through your time on the throne!

Both the net and the ball holder come with suckers attached, so fixing them to your bathroom walls couldn’t be easier – there are no messy drill holes to worry about, and if you want to keep your toilet basketball habit to yourself, you can remove them faster than your imaginary fans can shout “WHAT A DUNK!”

Complete with three soft mini basketballs, a fold-out mat in the shape of a teeny-weeny basketball court, and a wall-hung ball holder and net, you’ve got everything you need to become a basketball pro while sitting on the potty!


Halloween Flying Lanterns

With Halloween coming up soon, we thought you might be interested in our spooky pumpkin flying lanterns.

Based on Chinese Flying Lanterns they’re an awesomely weird way to celebrate Halloween!

New ways to use the Fun Fly Stick – bubbles

Thumbs Up’s Magic Fun Fly Stick is an amazing device that can produce amazing levitation effects.

As well as floating the mylar foil shapes that are included with the Fun Fly Stick (refills also now available – click here) you can also expand your repertoire of tricks by using bubbles!

Here’s a short video to demonstrate:

Having a Flantastic Time

CITV’s Flantastic has been going aroudn the country challenging kids to fling flans and win prizes!

Thumbs Up were happy to help out with some prizes for the particpants. The T-Saurus light-up dinosaur t-shirt went down really well:

Thumbs Up on Big Brother

If you’re watching Big Brother this year, you might have seen the Alarm Clock task that the housemates had to undertake, where they had to search through a room full of alarm clocks for the ones that were ringing.

Thumbs Up were asked by the Big Brother production team to supply some of their novelty alarm clocks for this task and actually went to visit the Big Brother set to deliver them and get an insider’s view as to everything that was going on.

We were also asked to help out with a few other things, but we’ve been asked to keep these top secret for now! Although, the moment we’re allowed to tell you, we’ll make sure you get the full story!

Meanwhile – here are some of the awesome and original alarm clocks from Thumbs Up that vexed the Big Brother Housemates:

Pole Dancer Alarm Clock

Hotel Phone Alarm

Time Bomb Alarm

Win a USB Owl!

Our friends at Gamepage – a great site that features loads of essential reviews on the latest computer games, DVDs and other goodies are running a competition to win five Thumbs Up USB Owls!

Click here  to enter!

Cat Vs Mosquito!

One of our long-time supporters, Robert from Geekalerts sent us this picture of his cat admiring our RC Mosquito:

Thumbs Up visits ShinyShiny to show them how to fly RC Helicopters

Thumbs Up recently visited Shiny Shiny, one of our favourite tech news websites to give them the lowdown on flying RC helicopters.

Have a look at their feature here:

Black Bars at Cannes

We all love film here at Thumbs Up and pay close attention to things like the Cannes Film Festival, so we were delighted to see the official poster displaying something that looks very much like our Black Bar Sunglasses:

Puchi Puchi – the sound of bubbles popping

The Japanese have come up with yet another invention you didn’t know you needed until you heard about it: Puchi Puchi – the everlasting bubble wrap simulator.

Everyone loves popping bubble wrap and it’s a great way to relieve stress and tension, but the problem with it is that it runs out, and there’s not always a sheet to hand when you need it. But if you have a Puchi Puchi on your keyring or in your pocket, you can pop away to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge it’ll never run out!

Why ‘Puchi Puchi’? Well, according to Japanese people, that’s the sound that bubbles make when they pop! Puchi Puchi feels just like the real thing and is tactile and satisfying to handle and pop. Each time you press one of the ‘bubbles’ it makes a realistic popping noise, but at random intervals this is replaced by a surprising and cute sound! There’s no need to be stressed out or tense when you’ve got your Puchi Puchi everlasting bubble wrap handy, simply pop away to relieve the tension!

Already a huge sales success in the Far East, Puchi Puchi looks set to be the next big craze over here too!

Watch Puchi Puchi in action!

Click here for more info.