St Mungo’s Charity Auction

This week, Thumbs Up had the opportunity to donate one of our products – the Black Diamond – to Wired Magazine’s Charity Auction. All proceeds from this event, held today, go to St Mungo’s – a worthy organisation working towards the prevention of homelessness and offering support and care to vulnerable people affected and excluded by it. Thumbs Up supports a number of local charities and is happy to contribute to worthy causes. For more information about St Mungo’s, please visit their website:


Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball

The perfect gift for sports lovers looking to practice their aim in private! Simply attach the net to the back of your bathroom door or wherever’s convenient, secure the ball holder within reach of your loo and slam dunk your way through your time on the throne!

Both the net and the ball holder come with suckers attached, so fixing them to your bathroom walls couldn’t be easier – there are no messy drill holes to worry about, and if you want to keep your toilet basketball habit to yourself, you can remove them faster than your imaginary fans can shout “WHAT A DUNK!”

Complete with three soft mini basketballs, a fold-out mat in the shape of a teeny-weeny basketball court, and a wall-hung ball holder and net, you’ve got everything you need to become a basketball pro while sitting on the potty!

Come and try out our latest cool products at the Gadget Show Live between 13th-17th April!

As the UK’s ultimate electronics event, the Gadget Show Live is the best place to see, try and buy the latest products in the marketplace. Now entering its third successful year, the 2011 event will bring together more exhibitors than ever before – and that of course includes us!

We’ll be at the 2011 Gadget Show Live on the Firebox stand to showcase our latest range of fresh-in-house and most sought-after products. Come and visit us in Hall 11, Stand M14 to meet the team and see what’s new.

Exciting new products we’ll be displaying include the retro-tastic ‘80s Phone Case, the pixel-inspired 8-Bit Cubes, the gravity-defying Perpendum (Highly Commended in the 2011 Gift Association Awards), the atmospheric LED Cube, the missile launching Gyro Stealth Attack RC helicopter, and the iPhone 4 Microscope – a clever little gadget that transforms the camera function on your handset into a mini microscope capable of 60x magnification.

Alongside exhibiting our new great products, we’ll be running a couple of fun Gadget Show events to create a real buzz around our exclusive designs…

First up, there’s the 8-Bit Cube Treasure Hunt Competition. We’ll hide five cool creations built with our pixel-inspired 8-Bit Cubes around Hall 11 for you to spot as you explore the stands. Take pictures of all five on your camera phone and we’ll give you a 64-piece set of colourful 8-Bit Cubes to take home for free!

Continuing the retro theme, meanwhile, we’ll be holding an Eighties-style photo shoot at the stand on Tuesday 12th from 12-3pm. Think shoulder pads, big hair, shiny suits and slip-on shoes, all topped off by the ultimate ‘80s accessory… the Thumbs Up ‘80s Phone Case! Come and have your picture taken with a Gordon Gekko lookalike and see why this iconic ‘house brick’ of a Phone Case is making big BIG again!

DIY Straws on Jonathan Ross’ Show

Our excellent DIY Straws recently featured as the centrepiece of a gag on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross.

Wossy borrowed a whole load of them from us and joined them together into one massive long straw. He then stuck a camera on the end of this enourmous suction construction and somehow (we suspect camera trickery may have been involved, but can’t say for sure) managed to sneak it into the Green Room to surreptitiously slurp from his guests’ drinks!

We knew he’d got in trouble for being badly behaved before, but stealing people’s drinks! That’s just out of order!

Sadly, due to the BBC’s rules on commercial use of clips and images when it comes to product placement, they won’t let us show any footage or screenshots, but we’re glad such a big star managed to put our product to good use anyway.

Autumn Fair 2009

Take a tour around our Autumn Fair stand with Business Development Director Wojtek Kolan. There were loads of new products on show for the first time anywhere ever:

new novelty toilet rolls

MIXEDROLLS_presentation copy 500px

Something to do on the loo? How about a maze puzzle?

Or is the Credit Crunch getting you down? Wish you were rich enough to flush money down the toilet? Indulge that fantasy with the $100 dollar bill toilet roll!

Find out more by clicking on the links!

The Sun beams up the new Star Trek VOIP phone

Thumbs Up’s new officially licensed Star Trek VOIP (Voice Over Internet) phone has been gathering attention everywhere.

News of its arrival is all over the Internet but the UK’s best selling daily newspaper The Sun has also picked up on it:

We’re tweeting

If you’re a fan of Twitter, you can now get new product updates via the  Thumbs Up tweets.

Follow us at

We promise that the information on there will be relevant and related to company and product news – we won’t just tell you what we’re having for lunch!

Our latest products – a quick reminder

Just a reminder – if you’re interested in the latest products from Thumbs Up, there are two quick and easy ways to make sure that you see what’s new as soon as possible.

First is the RSS feed – that’s available at:

Just bookmark that link and it’ll appear as a list in your browser and it’ll update automatically.

An even simpler way to see our new products is to bookmark a direct link to our ‘Latest Products’ page which can be found here:

So there you go!

Here’s a taste of some of the new items that we’re going to have in stock very soon. Just click through to the link above to find out more:

Barak Obama Action Figure

Barak Obama Action Figure

$100 Dollar Bill Toilet Paper

$100 Dollar Bill Toilet Paper

Bongo Sound T-Shirt

Bongo Sound T-Shirt

The Fun Fly Stick on TV

Thumbs Up’s Fun Fly Stick is already getting a huge amount of interest both from customers and the media, and that’s before it’s even officially launched!

Here’s the team from the BBC’s Something for the Weekend giving it a whirl: