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On this blog you will find company news and information from Thumbs Up. It’s intended to help out our customers, journalists, tech & gadget bloggers and anyone who wants to find out more about the latest developments in gadgets, toys and novelties.

We will frequently be showing the very first images of new products and innovations here, as well as news about new technology that we’re developing, so include it on your news feeds or links pages and check back regularly to see what’s going on.

Please not that the contents of this blog, including all text, layout and formatting (except where provided by WordPress or exempted under their tems and conditions) is  © Copyright Thumbs Up (UK) Ltd 2008. All rights reserved. It must not be copied without permission and is protected under UK and international law. Any breaches of this copyright will be prosecuted.


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  1. madharry1

    What a great bit of kit is THUMBSUP! ,there stuff looks cool and its such a talking point with freinds..I Have had so much fun with there gadgets since i found them and now they supply me …Thanks ThumbsUp! since i bought it from ,I just love it …well done

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