Happy Halloween….

The countdown is on for Halloween – that one day of the year when the malevolent restless spirits of the dead re-visit the living in the form of ……. well, generally they knock on doors looking for candy or party at popular bars until the wee hours.

Don’t get left out of the fun – host a party, scare your neighbours or head out on the town with the rest of the un-dead. If you used up all of your Halloween ideas last year, here are some more to help you on your way to a super spooky weekend:

Thinking of hosting a séance? No? Well, perhaps you should. And we have the perfect candles for such an occasion. Freak your friends out with these magically lit candles. They’re almost identical to real candles but instead are lit by a battery powered internal LED. The best part, however, is that you light them via remote control. Magic!

The Remote Control Candle Set is ultra realistic with a great wax finish and flame flicker effect so nobody will know they are not real candles unless you tell them. Perfect for creating spooky atmospheric tension at a party or spiritual gathering – and, because there are no real flames involved, you won’t need to worry about anyone catching the curtains alight or burning their fingers!

If you are getting into the candle idea – here is another one: This Magic Candle Set also appears at first glance to be your classic wax affair, but set the candles alight and you’ll see that not only do the wicks light up, the bases glow too. A white LED sitting in the base of each candle is activated automatically when the wick is lit, sending out an atmospheric pulsating glow. A must have for any ghoulishly ambient dinner or drinks.

Maybe you’ve left your costume to the last minute – again. If you’re not really the dressing up type but don’t want to miss out on all the fun, how about wearing a Flippin’ Frightening T-Shirt out on the town. The idea is simple, but you’ll always get a reaction! Popular culture has meant that hockey masks are now associated with serial killer slasher movies – but when you first turn up to the party, no one will know why your t-shirt asks, ‘Are you scared?’ People can’t help but take the bait and enquire about the provocative sentence, giving you the perfect opportunity to flip the t-shirt over your head to wear the serial killer image printed on the inside like a mask. You have a choice between the serial killer t-shirt and the werewolf t-shirt which asks, ‘Full moon tonight?’ and flips over to reveal a gruesome werewolf. Give your mates the fright of their lives! They’ll thank you for it.

Let’s not forget accessories – your friends won’t know whether to laugh or cry when they see your new iPhone Case. We’re still on the fence about this realistic giant silicone ear, so you’ll have to make up your own mind: quirky or just plain creepy?Either one is good if you’re looking for something to shock or surprise with on the 31st! Casually leave your Ear phone lying on the table or make a dramatic Van Gogh-esqe display by slicing it off the side of your face. We’ll leave the possibilities to your imagination so make sure you do us proud!

Whatever you decide to do – have a spook-tastic evening! We’re looking forward to the photos!


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