Vox Pops for 80s iPhone and Ear iPhone Cases

It was one of the freakishly-hot-for-September London days that we took to the streets to gauge people’s reactions to a couple of our recently released iPhone Cases. The Sun was shining and the passersby smiling; everyone was out and about with their iPhones. But no one had cases quite like these….

The 80s iPhone Case was a hit with people looking for some nostalgic street cred for their iPhone. Boasting the ability to retro-up iPhones by turning them into a back-in-the-day status symbol, the case proved to be a beacon for attention seekers. An interview? On camera? Yes please!

It was also popular with Trigger Happy TV fans keen to throw some impersonations into the mix!

We demonstrated how to slot the iPhone into this custom-made holder to take advantage of its 80s retro ‘house brick’ style without losing any of their 21st century specs. Most agreed it really was having the best of both worlds – and that in such an obviously pre-iPhone disguise, their phone was quite safe from opportunistic pickpockets.

Next the Ear iPhone Case: not for the faint hearted. People were either thoroughly delighted or completely weirded out by this one.

They wanted to touch it…… and then wished they hadn’t – made from silicon rubber, it felt a little too realistic for their liking. But they couldn’t argue with the fact that you’re sure to get noticed with a giant ear held up to your head, and most could think of at least one friend or family member that would fall over themselves for such a phone case.

And this is all without taking into consideration the cases’ phone protecting capabilities which, after all, is kind of the point.


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