BABY GUPI – A robotic version of a real life guinea pig

Tired of hearing your child complain about not having a pet?

Now we can introduce the newest member of Gupi’s family; Baby Gupi.  Baby Gupi looks exactly like the original Gupi but smaller.  

It’s loveable, cute and great to cuddle and pat.   All the features of Baby Gupi resemble a life like guinea pig, and the great thing about Baby Gupi is it leaves no mess! 

Baby Gupi fun and adorable for kids, but parents will love Baby Gupi as well! As Baby Gupi is absolutely gorgeous and sweet you would never want the guinea pig to be left alone.  Not only is Baby Gupi fun to look after but it’s a fantastic way of learning how to play with pets. 

Baby Gupi has two different modes. 

Mode 1: This mode only allows Baby Gupi to move forward so a Hamster wheel or a ball would be the perfect accompaniment for Baby Gupi to play with.  You could spend hours watching Baby Gupi play in the ball by itself. 

Mode 2: This mode activates the nose sensor on Baby Gupi and when it has an accident and walks into objects, it automatically runs away from the obstacle.  It’s great to set up a hamster maze and see if Baby Gupi can find its way out! Watch it run around with genuine pet sound effects. 

In addition to these modes there is a button located at the back of Baby Gupi’s neck, and when you cuddle it, Baby Gupi will make more lifelike sounds.   

When Baby Gupi falls asleep after playing for too long you can simply wake it up by ‘clapping’ or giving it a ‘slight nudge’. 

Baby Gupi is more entertaining than you can ever imagine and playtime is guaranteed to be more fun with Baby Gupi around.  It will most definitely keep the little ones busy! 



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