DIY Straws on Jonathan Ross’ Show

Our excellent DIY Straws recently featured as the centrepiece of a gag on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross.

Wossy borrowed a whole load of them from us and joined them together into one massive long straw. He then stuck a camera on the end of this enourmous suction construction and somehow (we suspect camera trickery may have been involved, but can’t say for sure) managed to sneak it into the Green Room to surreptitiously slurp from his guests’ drinks!

We knew he’d got in trouble for being badly behaved before, but stealing people’s drinks! That’s just out of order!

Sadly, due to the BBC’s rules on commercial use of clips and images when it comes to product placement, they won’t let us show any footage or screenshots, but we’re glad such a big star managed to put our product to good use anyway.


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