New Year New Products

Happy New Year to you all from all of us here at Thumbs Up!

To kick off the new year, we’ve got a whole load of exciting new products and we’ll be updating the blog with more details of each one as it’s launched.

To start you off, here’s some more information about products that we’ve added to the iBlock range:

First up is the iBlock MP3 player.

Styled like a toy building block this great quality mini MP3 player has the extra added nostalgic appeal of being reminiscent of familiar childhood toy blocks.

iBlock MP3 Player

iBlock MP3 Player

A cool feature is that the controls are cleverly integrated into the design to add some extra fun to the formula! Each of the studs on the top of the brick is a play/pause, skip or volume control button.

Next is the iBlock Stereo Dock Speaker.

Like the rest of the line up, its design is inspired by toy building blocks for extra novelty appeal.

It features powerful stereo speakers with an Active Bass enhancement system to provide an excellent way to amplify any MP3 player.

iBlock Stereo Dock Speaker

iBlock Stereo Dock Speaker

Looking great on any desktop or shelf, this speaker is a fun alternative to the usual boring, conventionally styled electronics accessories that most people have.

Last but not least – although they are the smallest addition to the range are the new iBlock USB Flash Drives.

If you want a USB flash drive, why go for a boring, regular design when you can have an iBlock USB stick? Featuring 2GB of storage space, it’s small and convenient to carry, with no software installation or additional cables required. It just plugs right into a USB port and will be recognised as an external drive straight away.

iBlock USB Flash Drive

iBlock USB Flash Drive

The pack comes complete with a choice of interchangeable coloured blocks so that you can mix and match to customise your iBlock USB Stick.


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