Thumbs Up’s New Look

You might have noticed a new look for this blog, well – it’s not just the blog that’s been refreshed and revamped. Thumbs Up has just launched a new corporate look right across the board. Here’s some more info:

You might have already noticed that the Thumbs Up Website has a fresh, new look, but the whole company’s image is seeing some changes.

Thumbs Up (UK) Ltd takes the ideas of tomorrow and turns them into toys, gadgets, games and even clothing and is blasting into the new season with a fresh look.

Now one of the top gadget suppliers in the country, Thumbs Up thought it time to freshen up their image with an extensive rebranding and relaunch. Business Development Director Wojtek Kolan explains: “We felt that we could improve our logos, corporate branding and packaging. We have scientifically developed our new logo and packaging to increase appeal and to make the strongest impact.”

“We are very pleased with the new corporate image as it works for all our products and looks amazing on store shelves or display units. It’s clean and fresh with the product being the main focus.”

Despite much talk of an economic downturn or possible recession, Thumbs Up has been experiencing exponential growth, year on year and month on month. The growth rate this year is an amazing. New accounts are being acquired weekly and the company now has the support of UK’s largest high street retailers. Traditionally, the core of Thumbs Up’s business came from mail order companies and internet retailers and these continue to be a strong market.

Wojtek Kolan continues: “Our company focus statement is ‘Cool and Innovative…’ so we make sure that not only are our products are cool and innovative, but our business style and approach is too. We have a relatively young management team and promote a modern business practice of fast turnaround times, the latest business technologies and ethical trading. Our new branding is dynamic and full of motion, just like Thumbs Up.

“We’re continuing to build our brand within the trade sector, but eventually to the consumer level too. When consumers see the Thumbs Up logo they’ll be assured of the quality and innovation it represents and delivers.”

So, what’s next for Thumbs Up? Wojtek answers: “We will continue to focus on sourcing and developing more innovative products that our customers will love. We understand that product is the key to success. We are forever expanding our international presence whilst still focusing on our core business here in the UK.”


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