Falcon MVIX Media Centre

Have you got a really big, flashy new TV but find it’s going to waste as most of what you watch these days is downloaded, so you’re sitting in front of your computer to watch it, or struggling to get a decent picture outputted from a laptop? If so, then this could be the answer to your problems.

The Falcon MVIX brings all of your digital media files and content to anywhere in your home via WiFi and is also compatible with peer-to-peer file sharing networks – which you should, of course, only use legally, okay? Got that?

Able to stream video over a WiFi network in High Definition, it’s a giant leap forwards in terms of making downloaded content or digital files even more accessible, as it works with pretty much any media file or video format.

The MVIX supports all commonly used media formats, and virtually all of the more specialised ones too. And what’s more, you can use it to display your photos as a slideshow whilst playing music too. It does all this all from an internal hard drive, an external USB drive or it can stream from any computer on your network. It’s the ideal solution for storing or backing up absolutely all of your software, images, music, films or documents.

Compatible with all major computer platforms, including Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, the MVIX is firstly a drive enclosure, so that you can add your own IDE or SATA hard drive and use it to store your media files. It also connects to your home network either via Ethernet or WiFi to share and stream content. And it’s actually a media player itself too, which can connect to TVs or digital projectors via composite, component, S-Video or DVI with a crisp, clear picture quality. The MVIX also benefits from an HDMI port so that you can attach it to an HDTV to ensure the highest quality transfer possible.

All in all, the MVIX is the ideal way to make the way you store files compatible with the best ways of viewing them.

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