Highway to the Dangerzone! RC Top Gun Microfighter

Fully licensed from Top Gun, this high performance fighter is just the thing for anyone who dreams of being another Maverick or Iceman. When it’s time to take the highway to the danger zone and relive all the excitement of the movie’s dogfighting action, the Micro Fighter R/C Plane offers Top Gun style fighter performance in a tiny package!

With the ability to fly at impressive speeds over 25 km/hour this mini-fighter can push the envelope to perform flawless banked turns and outrageous stunts.

Suitable for intermediate to advanced level RC Pilots due to its advanced digital throttle and directional control, it’s capable of performing extreme loops and real-fighter style aerobatics. With the massive levels of thrust offered by its twin engine design advanced take offs and landings can be achieved too.

The Micro Fighter has a dual channel digital proportion control allowing up/down, left/right and forward speed control. Powered by a Lithium Polymer battery flights of 10+ minutes can be achieved on a single 30 minute charge from the controller.





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