Causing a flap – the i-Bird

Here’s another fascinating flying toy from Silverlit that Thumbs Up are distributing -the i-Bird.

With realistic flapping wing flight, the new Silverlit i-Bird looks and flies like a real bird!


Many scientists and engineers have attempted to create machines that mimic the way a bird flies, from Leonardo Da Vinci all the way through to the ‘birdmen’ who strap wings to their arms and jump off piers into the sea. Most of the attempts don’t even get off the ground, but now Silverlit has perfected mini-ornithopter technology and the result is the i-Bird – possibly the smallest RC flapping-wing model in existence.


Packed with state of the art technology, it’s one of the latest generation of RC flyers that provides an unparalleled level of control and stability both indoors and out. Simple and fun to fly, the i-Bird is ready to soar straight out of the box and ultra-tough to survive the roughest landings.

Here’s a video of the i-Bird in action:

Gadget blogs have also been picking up on the i-Bird already. Here are some links to coverage:





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