Swooping out of the darkness – the i-Fly Vamp

Spooky radio-controlled vampire bat takes to the skies! – the i-Fly VAMP

Now on sale in the UK, this scary-looking bat is right at the bleeding edge of toy design. Packing state of the art technology, it’s one of the latest generation of RC toys.

The Vamp differs from most other flying toys because it’s an ‘Ornithopter’ – which means it flaps its wings to fly through the air – just like a real bat. Not for the faint-hearted, the flapping wings and glowing red eyes give the eerie illusion that it’s a living (or undead!) thing, swooping through the darkness, for a truly terrifying sight.

A lightweight battery that charges up from its controller gives approximately ten minutes of flight time from a 20-30 minute charge. Once in the air a unique steering system and digital proportional radio controller means that the Vamp is hugely controllable and able to keep its altitude even whilst making the sharpest of turns.

Supplied ready to fly right out of the box, with no assembly required, the Vamp is ultra-tough to effortlessly survive even the roughest of landings and is even immune to crosses and garlic!

So, if you feel like freaking someone out, the i-Fly Vamp is the perfect thing to fly past their window on a dark spooky night!

Here’s a video of the Vamp in flight:


Click here for more info.



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