Wifi-detector t-shirt – the ultimate in geek-wear

Wifi detector shirt

Thanks to our friends in the USA at ThinkGeek.com, Thumbs Up are able to offer the WiFi Detector T-Shirt exclusively to retailers in the UK marketplace.


There’s now no need to crack open your laptop or walk around waving your PDA about to find out if there’s a WiFi signal in the vicinity as this stylish T-shirt displays the current WiFi signal strength in your surroundings to everyone around you.


Glowing bars on the front of the shirt dynamically change as the WiFi signal strength fluctuates. Perfect for finding the best places to access WiFi in Coffee Shops or when out and about, and even in your own home or workplace, the WiFi Detector T-Shirt shows the connections that are floating about in the airwaves all around you.


A great novelty t-shirt that would make an excellent gift for any technophile, the WiFi detector T-Shirt also makes the ideal promotional item or giveaway for companies in the Internet or telecoms sector.

Bloke in a Wifi detector shirt


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