Lyndhurst Primary School Winter Fair

It’s that time of year again and Lyndhurst Primary School is holding their annual Winter Fair tomorrow – 26 November! To help out with their Christmas Gift Giveaway event, Thumbs Up has donated a big box of gifts which we hope will be enjoyed by all!  Along with Santa’s Grotto, there will be crafts and stalls, husky rides, a raffle, festive food and a BBQ. Why not head down and join in the fun!


St Mungo’s Charity Auction

This week, Thumbs Up had the opportunity to donate one of our products – the Black Diamond – to Wired Magazine’s Charity Auction. All proceeds from this event, held today, go to St Mungo’s – a worthy organisation working towards the prevention of homelessness and offering support and care to vulnerable people affected and excluded by it. Thumbs Up supports a number of local charities and is happy to contribute to worthy causes. For more information about St Mungo’s, please visit their website:

Happy Halloween….

The countdown is on for Halloween – that one day of the year when the malevolent restless spirits of the dead re-visit the living in the form of ……. well, generally they knock on doors looking for candy or party at popular bars until the wee hours.

Don’t get left out of the fun – host a party, scare your neighbours or head out on the town with the rest of the un-dead. If you used up all of your Halloween ideas last year, here are some more to help you on your way to a super spooky weekend:

Thinking of hosting a séance? No? Well, perhaps you should. And we have the perfect candles for such an occasion. Freak your friends out with these magically lit candles. They’re almost identical to real candles but instead are lit by a battery powered internal LED. The best part, however, is that you light them via remote control. Magic!

The Remote Control Candle Set is ultra realistic with a great wax finish and flame flicker effect so nobody will know they are not real candles unless you tell them. Perfect for creating spooky atmospheric tension at a party or spiritual gathering – and, because there are no real flames involved, you won’t need to worry about anyone catching the curtains alight or burning their fingers!

If you are getting into the candle idea – here is another one: This Magic Candle Set also appears at first glance to be your classic wax affair, but set the candles alight and you’ll see that not only do the wicks light up, the bases glow too. A white LED sitting in the base of each candle is activated automatically when the wick is lit, sending out an atmospheric pulsating glow. A must have for any ghoulishly ambient dinner or drinks.

Maybe you’ve left your costume to the last minute – again. If you’re not really the dressing up type but don’t want to miss out on all the fun, how about wearing a Flippin’ Frightening T-Shirt out on the town. The idea is simple, but you’ll always get a reaction! Popular culture has meant that hockey masks are now associated with serial killer slasher movies – but when you first turn up to the party, no one will know why your t-shirt asks, ‘Are you scared?’ People can’t help but take the bait and enquire about the provocative sentence, giving you the perfect opportunity to flip the t-shirt over your head to wear the serial killer image printed on the inside like a mask. You have a choice between the serial killer t-shirt and the werewolf t-shirt which asks, ‘Full moon tonight?’ and flips over to reveal a gruesome werewolf. Give your mates the fright of their lives! They’ll thank you for it.

Let’s not forget accessories – your friends won’t know whether to laugh or cry when they see your new iPhone Case. We’re still on the fence about this realistic giant silicone ear, so you’ll have to make up your own mind: quirky or just plain creepy?Either one is good if you’re looking for something to shock or surprise with on the 31st! Casually leave your Ear phone lying on the table or make a dramatic Van Gogh-esqe display by slicing it off the side of your face. We’ll leave the possibilities to your imagination so make sure you do us proud!

Whatever you decide to do – have a spook-tastic evening! We’re looking forward to the photos!

Vox Pops for 80s iPhone and Ear iPhone Cases

It was one of the freakishly-hot-for-September London days that we took to the streets to gauge people’s reactions to a couple of our recently released iPhone Cases. The Sun was shining and the passersby smiling; everyone was out and about with their iPhones. But no one had cases quite like these….

The 80s iPhone Case was a hit with people looking for some nostalgic street cred for their iPhone. Boasting the ability to retro-up iPhones by turning them into a back-in-the-day status symbol, the case proved to be a beacon for attention seekers. An interview? On camera? Yes please!

It was also popular with Trigger Happy TV fans keen to throw some impersonations into the mix!

We demonstrated how to slot the iPhone into this custom-made holder to take advantage of its 80s retro ‘house brick’ style without losing any of their 21st century specs. Most agreed it really was having the best of both worlds – and that in such an obviously pre-iPhone disguise, their phone was quite safe from opportunistic pickpockets.

Next the Ear iPhone Case: not for the faint hearted. People were either thoroughly delighted or completely weirded out by this one.

They wanted to touch it…… and then wished they hadn’t – made from silicon rubber, it felt a little too realistic for their liking. But they couldn’t argue with the fact that you’re sure to get noticed with a giant ear held up to your head, and most could think of at least one friend or family member that would fall over themselves for such a phone case.

And this is all without taking into consideration the cases’ phone protecting capabilities which, after all, is kind of the point.

Thumbs Up at the Autumn Fair 2011

This September, Thumbs Up was back at the Autumn Fair in Birmingham – the season’s biggest and most vibrant sales opportunity. With over 500,000 products on display and 60,000 new launches, the Autumn Fair Festival really lives up to its name as the biggest home and gift event of the season.

The Thumbs Up stand saw lots of action with buyers from both leading retailers and independent stores popping in to see the latest and greatest in gifts and gadgets, and the products on offer from Thumbs Up ranged, as always, from the thoroughly bizarre to the undeniably useful.

Old favourites, such as the Perpendum, were on display next to fun new launches like the Dancing Cat, while the Portable Body Scales paired up with the iPhone Horn to provide an example of the useful alongside the entertaining.

Publishers and media representatives were on hand to record the action and get the scoop for their respective publications, and while we would be hard pressed to say which product emerged overall as flavour of the week, there were quite a few that received undisputed attention.

Best-seller the 80s Phone Case shared the stage with the newly released Ear Phone Case, while other smartphone and tablet accessories proved to be very popular.  Of these, the Aqua Phone Case and desktop iPhone were unanimously sought after.

Remote Control Helicopters, particularly the Sky Car, drew the attention of the crowds as did party favourites – the finger candles and champagne popper. And, while food accessories like the Man Bowl and the Camera Lens Cup claimed their fair share of interest from people with a solid sense of fun, fridgebook was a hit with facebook addicts.

It’s still only September, but already we’re looking forward to Spring Fair!

Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball

The perfect gift for sports lovers looking to practice their aim in private! Simply attach the net to the back of your bathroom door or wherever’s convenient, secure the ball holder within reach of your loo and slam dunk your way through your time on the throne!

Both the net and the ball holder come with suckers attached, so fixing them to your bathroom walls couldn’t be easier – there are no messy drill holes to worry about, and if you want to keep your toilet basketball habit to yourself, you can remove them faster than your imaginary fans can shout “WHAT A DUNK!”

Complete with three soft mini basketballs, a fold-out mat in the shape of a teeny-weeny basketball court, and a wall-hung ball holder and net, you’ve got everything you need to become a basketball pro while sitting on the potty!

Flippin’ Frightening Tees

Scare and amuse your friends with this ingenious Flippin’ Frightening Werewolf or Serial Killer Tee! What looks like an ordinary but handsome T-shirt is in fact a fright waiting to happen! Simply flip the shirt over your head to wear the image printed on the inside like a mask.

Available in two different designs – The Flippin’ Frightening Werewolf Tee features, you guessed it, a toothy werewolf printed on the inside and the words ‘Full Moon Tonight?’ printed on the front! The Flippin’ Frightening Serial Killer Tee features a creepy hockey mask design (inspired by a certain iconic slasher movie!) inside and the words ‘Are You Scared?’ on the front! With such a leading questions printed on your chest, you can be sure your mates will take the bait and ask you what your T-shirt’s all about – at which point you can flip it over your head and reveal the scary secret!!


Pinball Master

Featuring an automatic scoring panel, double flipper control, spring action bumpers and electronic scoring noises, this tabletop machine will turn you into a Pinball Wizard faster than you can say ‘HIGH SCORE’!

If you haven’t got space for a full-sized pinball machine (or just don’t fancy the hefty price tag that comes with it!) this tabletop version is a fantastic alternative. Send the steel balls bouncing off the five central bumpers as you fight to keep them out of the danger zone – they’ll even light up and emit space-age ‘zap’ and ‘pow’ scoring sounds as you hit them!

Whether you’re battling to beat your personal best or challenging your friends to a pinball playoff, this interactive machine is guaranteed to tap into your competitive streak! What’s more, there’s a dial at the bottom of the Pinball Master that allows you to set the number of goes you want to allocate for each play – choose between one and three and the ball will be released the number of times you specify. Perfect for quick-fire rounds or more serious pinball tournaments!

Epic Win and Epic Fail Stamps

With these straight-to-the-point ‘Epic Win’ and ‘Epic Fail’ stamps, you can make your feelings known in one easy-to-read go! Why open your mouth to share your opinion when you can assert your feelings in ink?!

When someone’s done so fantastically well that a simple “good job” doesn’t quite cut it, or messed up so embarrassingly badly that a quiet “better luck next time” just won’t suffice, these Epic Win/Epic Fail stamps will do all the talking so you don’t have to!

If you want to offer your congratulations, send your jokey commiserations or generally make your feelings known in one easy-to-read go, it doesn’t get more straight-to-the-point than this self-inking Epic Win & Epic Fail stamp set!



RC Solar Car

Have fun in the sun while staying totally green with this ingenious remote controlled Solar Car!

This chunky little car is proof that the RC world has finally caught up with the green movement. Instead of being powered by electricity or expensive-to-replace batteries, it’s cleverly designed to run on sunshine! Yes, there’s a solar panel set into the car’s rooftop that charges its built-in rechargeable battery and, in turn, powers the car – so as well as being a great way to learn about renewable energy, you’ll never need to pay out for pricey packs of replacement batteries again!

But what’s really innovative about the Solar Car is that its controller is charged by the sun too. Just plug it into the jack on the back bumper and it’ll charge up via the rooftop solar panel, just like the car itself does! Plus, charging aside, it’s a really neat way to store the control pad when the car’s not in use.

Wondering what to do with your Solar Car on a cloudy day? Well, because we appreciate that British weather is predictably unpredictable, it comes with its very own USB charging cable too. Simple connect it to the underside of the car and plug it into the mains for an old-school power boost whenever the sun’s in hiding.